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Laško2Go, mobile app

Experience Laško – the confluence of good on foot or bike. You can find all important information in one place, on one map, with the use of smartphones (Android and iOS operating systems).

Vstopna stran Laško2Go
Laško2go is a mobile guide for planning trips, hiking and cycling tours in the Laško area. The application features information about themed hiking trails, trails suitable for cycling and Amber Road. You can also find a detailed map of the Laško area and top 50 attractions in Slovenia, such as Postojna Cave, Ljubljana Castle and Lake Bled.

Trails are described in detail with: length, estimated time, level of difficulty, description of the trail, photo of the blaze, elevation data with elevation profile and nearby points of interest. Each trail is checked and verified whether it is family friendly, how much of the trail leads through the forest, main and side roads. The application encompasses:


• Mountain trail to Šmohor
• The Rečica loop mountain trail
• Mountain trail to Kopitnik I and II
• Mountain trail to Veliko Kozje I and II
• Trail to the peak of Hum
• Spa trail
• Three churches trail
• The trail along the old Laško market town borders
• The Aškerc trail
• Orion's trail
• Perkmandeljc forest educational trail
• Trail from Sloge to Log
• 2-km walk test


1. Junior
2. Vrh nad Laškim
3. Trobni Dol
4. Šmohor
5. Lisca
6. Govce
7. Celjska koča
8. Šentrupert
9. Laško round trip

Trails and points of interest are shown on a detailed topographic map (Monolit maps are widely used in different GPS navigation devices).
Main advantages of the Laško2go app:

  • You can save data for the selected trail on your mobile phone’s internal storage and use it even without a network connection.
  • You can view your current status on the trail and a distance to finish.
  • You can search or browse more than 30,000 points of interest, e.g.: top 50 Slovene attractions, natural and cultural attractions, restaurants and mountain huts. All interesting points of interest include detail description with photos.

Application is currently available in Slovene, English, Italian, German and Russian languages.

Laško2Go is based on the Monolit2Go mobile app, developed by Monolit d.o.o. (a leading provider of GPS navigation data in Slovenia) in cooperation with SPIRIT (Slovenian main tourist board), local tourist boards and sports enthusiasts.

QR koda za enostavno naložitev aplikacije Laško2Go na vaš pametni telefon
Laško2Go is a free app. You can easily download it to your smartphone by scanning this QR code (picture) or entering Laško2Go in your browser and follow the instructions.

Download Laško2Go, mobile app (QR Code).

Basic functions

With Laško2Go you can easily find a right path, learn about its characteristics and navigate on the field.

1. Find paths near you or around selected location. Search paths by difficulty, length or time. Find family friendly paths, paths that go mainly through forest or avoid main roads.  Find hiking trails or trails suitable for cycling.


2. Explore path's characteristic, invite a friend on a trip, find a starting point, save a path for offline use, go and enjoy in the nature.

3. See your location on a map, check for upcoming climbs on elevation profile, check your current status and distance to finish.


4. Points along path (POI): natural and cultural attractions, viewpoints, places for refreshment and rest and many more. Check for POI's opening hours, contacts, description, pictures.

5. Help





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